What is SIAM?

Service Integration and Management (SIAM), also known as Multisourcing Service Integration (MSI), is an approach to manage and integrate the IT ecosystem of teams, suppliers and services to provide a single, coordinated, business-facing IT organization. The objective is to seamlessly integrate interdependent capabilities and services from various internal and external service providers into end-to-end services to meet business requirements.

SIAM Operating Model and Services

Digital SIAM provides a common way of operating legacy IT and enables migration to the cloud.

Operating in a common way is key to IT services success. A SIAM operating model provides the guidance to communicate and organize IT operations to support legacy IT and integrate cloud, SaaS and external suppliers.

High performance teams bring the SIAM layer to life, staffing key cross-functional roles provide the glue to get the most out of the IT ecosystem, focusing on:

  • Service Quality
  • Transparency
  • Satisfaction
IT Capabilities Spectrum

SIAM Design

SIAM Design benefits from a methodical approach. The DigiSolve Solutions IT Capabilities Spectrum© provides guidance for the SIAM design and optimization journey, facilitating rapid results when designing the SIAM operating model and enhancing IT capabilities.

It’s Time to Automate

It’s time to automate IT service management. As the proliferation of services, suppliers, and data continues, large portions of the SIAM function must be provided through software versus labor. Digital SIAM changes the way core ITIL functions are delivered.